Village Farmer’s Market, Chef Shack, etc.

By The Hack

Every day the Hack would read updates on The Chef Shack and other food trucks distributing their goodies at locations nowhere near where he worked, which is in an awkward spot in St. Anthony, sandwiched in a three-way (bringing it to a four-way?) between Northeast Minneapolis, New Brighton and Roseville.

Phone-ChefShack08161645 But then he got a “Tweet” (yes, he's hip now) saying that Chef Shack would be in his neck of the woods! Like, a half mile away, in the parking lot of a strip mall he only know existed because Tea Source is there. See, every Monday afternoon, the Village Farmer’s Market sets up and, well, in come some food trucks. The Hack did not know about that. Despite working in the area for nearly five years. He likes to think he's aware of things. But, ya. Missed this.

The Hack climbed into his sheik Volvo wagon and
Phone-SHERoyal08161646 drove down at about 4:30, and there was the Chef Shack truck, but also the
Magic Bus Café and SHE Royal Deli, the mobile offshoot of SHE Royal Coffee on Hennepin Avenue (co-owner Samson Benti was in the truck).

So, thanks for the notice, Chef Shack folks. The Hack sampled the goat and summer squash curry tossed with a bit of the mango chutney, and deemed it tasty. He’ll swing by again for more samplings from all the vendors.


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  1. e
    September 4, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    This is the first year of the Village Farmers Market, I’m sure they’re happy about the tweets to get people there too.

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