On magazines in the new age, and blue cheese butter

It’s been recorded at least once or twice in this electronic logbook how busy The Hack has become. It’s true. Yet he keeps thinking about The Bloated Belly and its subdued anarchy, and misses it.

HVST-V1I1small-page1 But the day job calls, and The Hack answers, because, y’know, that’s where the paycheck is. But that very same day job has given The Hack a storyline on which to report in The Bloated Belly. See, this year The Hack’s employer allowed him to start a publication that is very much up his alley. It’s called Harvest Foodservice Journal, a newsletter that focuses on sustainability issues in the foodservice industry.

Not only is the topic important to The Hack, but also he finds it fascinating to launch a publication amidst a rapidly changing media-delivery landscape. Among the most obvious issues publishing companies are facing is, how do you make money? David Carr in The New York Times has been addressing that issue for the last several years, and did so again today.

The Hack elected to start Harvest as a digital edition—largely because it’s cheap to get off the ground, and his employer was willing to humor him (wisely) only so much until some sort of revenue stream could be discovered. So, it would please The Hack if you would download a copy of Harvest Foodservice Journal, and take a look. Comments, are, of course, welcome.

Does that mean cooking segments are done with? No. The Hack remains busy at his stove, and can’t help but share items like his blue cheese butter, that kicked serious ass with steak, salmon, trout, and bread, of course. (2T (or more) of good blue cheese for  1/2 cup of unsalted butter, both softened and well incorporated, adjust taste with Kosher salt if needed, that will depend on your cheese.) So, keep checking in.

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  5. Tia
    November 23, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Got my copy of Harvest Foodservice Journal just now! Thank you…

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