Barking dogs.

By The Hack

Amsterdam is not for sissies.

Not that it’s a rough-and-tumble town, but the Hack found that, while he keeps himself in functional shape by American standards, those standards fall insanely short in a city devoted to the primary transportation vehicles attached to the human body. Yes, Amsterdam has a fine public transportation system (trams and such), which the Hack and his lovely wife utilized. But the primary mode is foot and bicycle. And yeah, there’s a fair amount of auto traffic, but them boxes don’t rule the streets like they do here. Bicycles are king, and even pedestrians need to be wary of stepping into designated lanes. So, the Hack sits today in his desk chair back home with achy legs from all the use they got, proving once again that all the muscles worked at the gym don’t mean diddly when it comes to using them like humans are supposed to.

But his fingers still work OK, and the camera was busy—the Hack has more than 700 shots to sort through, and that was after he’d done significant editing after each day in the field.

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