Thanksgiving, post-game

By The Hack

Planes_trains The Hack is not one for tradition, for a variety of reasons. But a few have snuck upon him, if only because he rejected some and joined or inadvertently started something else, which then repeated as annual events. In his dim mind, he can grasp now how traditions start.

Having hosted Thanksgiving twice by no means registers as a tradition, but if it becomes one, The Hack wouldn’t mind at all. It probably started back here in 2005, when a friend hosted a T-day “Festivus” of sorts, during which an assortment of stragglers and left-behinds assembled, collaborated on a meal, and, through the success and failure of the cooking process, had a great and truly merry occasion. The Hack and his better half then went elsewhere the next two years, adhering to more “traditional” obligations. But they missed the camaraderie of that 2005 celebration and its unforced vibe. Last year, the Hack and his better half decided to stay home for the holiday, and send out a general invite that basically said, “We’re not going anywhere. You’re welcome to come here to eat, drink and relax without any other expectation.”

It worked. The better-half’s parents came up and were shocked they had nothing to do in the kitchen—likely a first. The Hack’s sisters, nieces and nephews, brothers-in law showed up. The Hack roasted a bird and all was good. This year, the same procedure was repeated. Sister and nieces and two friends showed up. The Hack did the bird again (with a twist—recipes coming) and all good. No pressure, just a come-as-you-are hangout. To The Hack, Thanksgiving is the most unique of Holidays. Family not required, just people who want to gather—whether it’s just two or 20—and be thankful for what they have, be it a little or a lot.The Hack and the mighty staff at Bloated Belly HQ hope everyone had a pleasant, relaxing holiday.

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