Russo to move Heartland to Lowertown

By The Hack

Most of you saw the story in the Strib yesterday, but if not, Rick
Nelson reported
that Lenny Russo, the chef and owner at Heartland Restaurant will
likely move to St. Paul's Lowertown neighborhood, adjacent to the
Farmer's Market. After a brief discussion with Lenny yesterday for his day job, the Hack heard from Lenny that it is
definitely happening. Papers signed.

And it's a big deal, too. If
the business materializes according to Lenny's vision, this could be a
dramatic development for the city of St. Paul and for anyone who's
serious about making locally grown foods a realistic and affordable
option for everyone. Congratulations to Mr. Russo and his wife, Mega,
and their business partners for pulling this out. It has been a years-long
journey for them, and it takes a certain kind of person to grind it out
for the tough yards.

The Hack can't believe he just used a football
metaphor, and wonders if it's indication he's been assimilated into the United States after only a couple decades. He is looking up Montreal Canadiens stats now to right the ship.

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