New Year’s at Istanbul Bistro

Well heck. The first week of January is about done and I’ve been without a post in this fine new year until now. New Year’s Eve turned into an interesting affair, despite it being spent in the suburbs. Had dinner at the Istanbul Bistro in Wayzata (or technically Minnetonka), located in the old Grazzi spot off highway 394. I think we were the last reserved table of the evening, at 8:30. After that, a group of 70 Turks took over, having reserved the restaurant for a party. Turned into one of the wilder nights I’ve ever observed and not eventually heartily participated in (I was with pops, his wife and the lady friend. I restrained myself). Soon the music started, the dancing began, and families from the tiny kids to the grandparents started dancing around the room. It’s nice to get accidentally caught up in something like that. Everyone was smiling and welcoming us to stay, which we did for a while. It’s one of those moments where I wished I had a camera, but in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t. There’s something to be said for committing some things to memory, and not spoiling them by becoming a tourist.

Oh, what did we eat? Rack of lamb for three of us, which kicked ass. And a lamb stew for the lady friend, which also kicked ass. Fantastic appetizer sampler, and desserts. Apologies for the lack of details. Being New Year’s and all, and with a room full of friendly Turks, we were a little bombed.

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