Coming soon: Test Kitchen Chronicles

By The Hack

The Hack’s day job often gives him topics to write about that don’t quite mesh with the day job’s requirements, which is the business of foodservice, restaurants, and the personalities behind them. Some of those not-quite-meshing topics involve companies sending the Hack various food products to mess with.

Given that any experimentation with these products happens on the Hack’s personal time, The Bloated Belly seems like the perfect forum to type a little about the cooking experiments they inspire. With Bloated Belly HQ outfitted with a decent stove and outdoor cooking equipment (gas grill, wood burning grill and smoker) and a mostly willing audience (wife, drunk friends), the Hack has started documenting some episodes with these products.

The Hack makes no claim to be a professional cook—he’s never spent a day on the line. But, for the day job, he’s often very near the line, and has several pro chefs think enough of him as a regular person over the years to shout at him some instruction and ridicule.

Stay tuned…

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