Chiapas chow down

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Posting’s been sporadic lately. Been a one-man-band at work with a couple writers leaving the company—y’know, my real job. They’re the smart ones. Not to worry, Harold remains in the office. Now to keep him away from the bottle long enough to get a few more posts out of him before he gets shipped off to spin-dry.

Chowed down at another little family-run Mexican joint on Central Ave. called Chiapas (2416 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis). Harold and I ventured over there once before a few months ago, then forgot about it. Not because the food was bad. It’s actually very good. Although you can’t tell from the hazy photo. Fucking camera’s had it. And no, it’s not the photographer—I freely admit I’m an amateur.

Anyway, what you can kinda make out is my plate of chickenP1010001
enchiladas de mole in the foreground, and Harold’s adobo de puerco Chiapas (pork cooked in a dark red salsa). I assume Harold enjoyed his meal; he inhaled it in three minutes. Taking some time to savor my meal, I noticed the shredded chicken was very tender, not like chewing gum many places produce. And the mole? Very tasty, bitter chocolate the dominant—but not overpowering—flavor. Both meals came with beans and rice, which were also good.

They had some good salsa with the chips, too, fresh and warm from the pot. Where mild sauce often means tasteless, at Chiapas, it’s loaded with fresh flavor. And the hot sauce actually has some kick.

Also impressive is the six vegetarian offerings don’t look like an afterthought, and include something I might try sometime: taco de Nopales, a taco filled with marinated cactus salad and fresh cheese.

So that was the latest Friday adventure. And yeah, yeah, more posts to come. I’ve been doing some cookin’ and documentin’ of late, so there’ll be a pile o’ that comin’ soon…

3 comments for “Chiapas chow down

  1. cK
    March 6, 2006 at 11:57 am

    One hopes that your apologies for not posting so frequently are merely apologies to yourself. Too many bloggers (and blog readers) think daily is the only way, but please. There ARE other things in need of attention, aren’t there?
    (Reminds me: I have an article due like two hours ago. What am I doing on-friggin’-line? Blogging and reading blogs, of course.)
    Bon appetite from the head chef of Chez Guavara (a revolution in taste!),

  2. March 14, 2006 at 12:26 am

    Mmm, I love the potato flautas at Chiapas. And their salsa is the bomb.

  3. March 14, 2006 at 5:31 pm

    cK: Thank you for assuaging my guilty feeling. Must remind myself I’m paying to do this, not they other way ’round. Hey! Wait a minute…I’m such a sucka!
    Alexis: Yeah, some of these findings, including the potato flautas, have me thinking a purely vegetarian meal is in my near future at one of these joints. Just a meal, though, here and there. I believe I’d start hemorrhaging if I tried the lifestyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with the lifestyle, of course.

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