Big Daddy’s: Big barbecue

Well, nothing like some bonafide barbecue to snap a fella out of the doldrums. That barbecue being Big Daddy’s, on University and Dale in good ol’ St. Paul, right next to the vacant lot that not three months ago stood the local cop shop.

Been driving by the place for a while, smelling the goodness coming from the smoking hardware in the back lot. Trouble is, Big Daddy’s is a catering company. But they had the kindness to open to the public on Saturdays, then added Fridays, too.

So look at this:


True ‘cued beef ribs, The Flintstone ribs, they call them. And that was just a half slab. A parcel of three huge rubs, which they remove and slice all nice for you. That’s about four pounds of meat right there. And after one-and-a-half sandwich’s worth was removed. The verdict: Tender and tasty. Although a little fatty in parts, too. But that’s all the better on the reheat, to keep it all tender and tasty.

Big Daddy’s also offers up chicken by the half or the whole, pork ribs, whole and half slabs, nice, fresh coleslaw, potato salad and desserts.

Damn tasty. But I wish they’d do a sandwich of some kind, so a guy could grab-n-go without having to bring along a cooler for the leftovers.

Big Daddy’s
609 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN
Open for walk-ins Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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