And we’re back…again

DeskOh, that lovely combination of electrical-leading-to-computer meltdown and magazine deadlines. That’s what I get for living in a 108 year-old building. I can’t even blame the landlord. I own my own flat. (I’m not bragging that I own a place. Just admitting my own stupidity. Now’s the time to be a renter, actually.) See, one-third of my place is wired brand new, the remainder around the time they switched from gas lighting to electrical. (I had to saw off the capped end of a gas line in my living room ceiling to mount an electric chandelier.) This will all tie in to my epic post on kitchen rejuvenation, and the purchase of my latest favorite tool, the nail gun. Well, perhaps it’ll be a series of posts.

Anyway, thanks for staying tuned in. And Udupi closed? (see comments in last entry). Good lord. That was, actually, on my list. Harold (a dedicated carnivore) kept raving about the place.

I must have really had my head in the sand. Too bad they weren’t hooked up like a certain couple Italian joints in St. Paul. They’d be back open by now.

Again, thanks for checking in, y’all. Something more interesting will be posted by tomorrow evening (CST).

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