The Bloated Belly. An occasionally irreverent food blog for industry pros and food enthusiasts.

The Bloated Belly has been around since 2005, back when the blogging craze began to take firm hold, and just a bit before the publishing landscape tipped over with the explosion of Internet surfing technology (think smartphones and tablets) and social media. The Belly first gorged itself on the blogging platform Typepad by a harried band of pros writing under pseudonyms as they experimented with this “new” medium for their day jobs as ink-stained wretches—working for companies still skeptical of the Internet (my, how that’s changed). The Bloated Belly will thankfully not be limited to the subject of food—”comments on consumption” is a broad brush indeed.

Note: If you are exploring this site for the first time, it’s loaded with material from the old site from various contributors. It’s been given a once over to eliminate items such as negative reviews for restaurants that remain in business. This will no longer be a restaurant review site, although the topic of restaurants will certainly be discussed. Categories are next on the list to be cleaned up. (Updated June 2013) 

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